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About KotMatch

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What is this website about ?


KotMatch is a platform for students who go on an internship or participate in an exchange program such as Erasmus. KotMatch is a service of LAIS vzw, a non profit organization under Belgian law, which promotes international exchange and mobility among students, assists international students and represents their interests.

Students can sublet their student room for this short period with KotMatch. The KotMatch team proposes the subletting to another exchange student who is in turn looking for a stay.

The departing student will receive the monthly rent for his student room.  

The new arriving student can count on a suitable student room for a short rental period.

What is sublease ?

Subletting means that the tenant, who has concluded a rental agreement with the landlord, in turn concludes a rental agreement with another third person. The third person is then the subtenant.


Subletting in the Flemish Region of Belgium is not permitted without the permission of  the landlord. There are some exceptions. One of these exceptions is that a student may always sublet his room to another student in the event of an internship or exchange. In this case, the student no longer needs permission from his landlord.

A sublease must always remain within the terms of the original lease. This applies, of course, to the term, which may not be longer, but also the rent may never be higher. A student may not make a profit on his sublet.


We advise students not to arrange subletting themselves or to post offers on social media. This way you prevent false or unsuitable candidates and possible problems due to a lack of experience in this matter. Subletting with KotMatch is reliable and trustworthy for both the landlord, the tenant and the subtenant. 

In addition, we advise the student to inform his landlord of his plans, so that the subletting is always substantiated in a positive atmosphere. KotMatch will always inform the landlord about subletting. All necessary data, including contact details, are systematically exchanged in a standardized message before the effective start of the sublease. This to all parties involved, in particular to the landlord.

Who pays the operational costs ?


The service of KotMatch is completely free for students who offer their room on the KotMatch platform.  

No costs are charged and KotMatch handles everything for establishing the sublease from A to Z. 

This student simply recovers his monthly rent. 

Ultimately, the subtenant pays the operational costs for the subleasing service. He or she receives a rental proposal where the price is slightly higher than the original rent. The subtenant pays a little more, but receives securities and services in return. KotMatch ensures the subtenant of a correct legal and financial framework, a well-equipped place to stay, a central point of contact and assistance during the duration of the stay.

Why this website ?

Peace of mind for departing students

Subletting offers many advantages for a student who goes on an internship. He can conclude a contract for an entire academic year and does not have to look for a room for a shorter period. When he goes on an internship or exchange, the student can recover the rent for his room. A big problem is solved.

Moreover, departing students already have a lot on their minds. Traveling abroad entails many extra things that need to be arranged. Taking care of a sublease is often too much to handle. By registering your room on, the burden is fully transferred to KotMatch.


KotMatch will propose you a good match for your room. KotMatch does all the checks, completes the administration, arranges the payments, exchanges all necessary information with the landlord, welcomes the new tenant at arrival and takes him to his place, takes care of the keys, check-in and check-out, and remains available during the entire subletting period.  In short, a simple and carefree working method for the departing student.

Temporary housing for trainee and exchange students

The search for suitable student accommodation during an internship or exchange program is not easy. Student rooms on the regular rental market are not offered for short terms. In addition, available student rooms are mostly insufficiently equipped to accommodate an international student. 

Booking accommodation from abroad causes stress. Booking a student room with an organization such as KotMatch guarantees the foreign student a suitable and price-compliant accommodation. He can count on permanent assistance during his stay.

Reassurance for the landlords


Since the Rental Act of 2019, students in Flanders are allowed to sublet their room without permission from their landlord.

This may create some fear among landlords that ill-considered subletting will take place by students who want to realize this themselves and without any experience. Subletting with KotMatch avoids these wild and thoughtless subletting by inexperienced students.

KotMatch uses reliable procedures, checks whether the subletting is justified, checks the profile of the candidate subtenants and informs the landlord of the subtenant's contact details and profile. KotMatch remains available to all parties during the entire subletting period. The subletting with KotMatch provides reassurance for the landlord.



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