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Refund Policy

KotMatch applies a 100% Refund Policy on all rental contracts. This Refund Policy is applicable between the date of booking and the commencement date of the rental contract. 


KotMatch offers a 100% refund in case an exchange student cannot come to his destination and cannot follow his program due to an external reason for which the student is not responsible.


This means that the 100% Refund Policy is always applicable for situations like : denied visa applications, refused applications from hosting university, cancellation of the exchange program, …

In such cases, we will cancel the rental contract in favor of the exchange student and refund the amount paid upon booking.


If the exchange student wishes to terminate his contract for personal reasons, such as family matters, these reasons and arguments will first be considered and may or may not be 100% refunded. In those cases, the time elapsed between the application and the actual commencement date of the contract may also be important in this consideration.



Refund Policy and Covid-19


We will also apply our 100% Refund Policy when a student is forced to stay at home due to government-imposed travel restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. In that case, the Covid-19 situation is also a valid external reason for which the student is not responsible.

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