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Will your student room

become available ?

Register for subletting and we will contact you soon. Then you can go abroad with peace of mind.

Some benefits for the departing student…


1- The service is completely free


There are no financial costs for students who offer their room on KotMatch, because the operational costs of the sublet are included in the rental conditions of the subtenant and are therefore borne by the subtenant.


2- You no longer have to look for a short rental

You can continue to rent your student room for a full academic year and you do not have to look for a room for a short period. When you leave for an internship or exchange, then you simply earn back the rent of your room through the subletting. 


3- KotMatch is a simple and carefree method


All the burden falls off your shoulders. KotMatch provides you with a good and reliable match for your room. KotMatch does all the checks, completes the administration, arranges the payments, exchanges all necessary information with the landlord, welcomes the new tenant on arrival, takes him to his place, takes care of the keys, check-in and check-out, and stays available to all parties involved during the entire subletting period.


Good to know…

1- Register your room as early as possible!


KotMatch works chronologically.

The first registrations are presented to the first candidates.

(FiFo rule = First in, First out)

If you wait too long to register, you will be far away on the list and at some point there may be no more candidates.


2- Don't post on social media at the same time!

Firstly because we advise our students not to arrange the subletting themselves and also because we have experienced several times that subletting via social media is not reliable. We prefer to avoid false and unsuitable candidates or other problems due to inexperience.


Secondly, because KotMatch proposes a rental agreement to the candidates with an additional fee to cover the operational costs. If the same room appears on social media at the same time as other conditions, it is confusing for the candidate. To avoid this confusion, KotMatch will remove your room from its offer if your room is offered on social media at the same time.

Your registration was sent successfully !

We will contact you soon.

Additional documents and photos can be send by email to


Sending a copy of your actual lease contract is mandatory, because this is the only proof to us that you are a legal tenant of a student accommodation.

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