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Terms of Use

KotMatch is a service of LAIS vzw, a non-profit organization under Belgian law, RPR 0794.733.767, hereafter referred to as "organization" or "KotMatch". The organization promotes international exchanges and mobility among students, assists them in the host country and represents their interests.

We act as an intermediary mandated by a student, hereafter referred to as "STUDENT", who is a legal tenant of a student accommodation and wants to sublease his accommodation for a short period to another student, hereafter referred to as "SUBTENANT" or "CANDIDATE SUBTENANT" or "CANDIDATE".


This accordingly to the "Flemish Housing Rental Decree for Student Accommodations" indicated by the Flemish Government on the 1st of January 2019. Vlaams Woninghuurdecreet voor Studentenhuurovereenkomsten van 1 Januari 2019


By contacting KotMatch, the STUDENT mandates KotMatch for managing his sublease on his behalf.  In doing so, he will comply with the above student housing law of January 1st 2019, and agrees to our privacy policy and to the principles and procedures stipulated hereafter by KotMatch. 

All information that is given by the STUDENT to KotMatch is subject to our Privacy Policy and can only be used for the single purpose of producing a rental agreement with a CANDIDATE SUBTENANT. 


The STUDENT declares that all his information is correct. He gives his information to KotMatch through our website and through all normal communication channels like email, mobile phone and Whatsapp..


The sublease mandate is totally free of charge and no commissions are applied to the STUDENT. 

The operational costs of KotMatch will be included in the rental agreement with the SUBTENANT.


The STUDENT agrees with the working procedure summarized in following articles:

Art.1 Rental Contract Information

The STUDENT will provide KotMatch with a copy of his rental contract, and if available also with a copy of the internal regulations. The contract is the only proof for KotMatch that the STUDENT is a legal tenant.


Art. 2 Description of the Accommodation

The STUDENT will provide KotMatch with a basic promotion text/description of his student accommodation and some photo’s.

Art. 3 Duration of the Sublease

The STUDENT will determine to KotMatch when his accommodation will be available for sublease.

Art. 4 Rent

The STUDENT will determine a monthly rent (all-in), including all consumption costs and all possible additional costs, because no additional costs can be charged separately or afterwards to the SUBTENANT.


Art. 5 Bank Account

The STUDENT will provide KotMatch the number of his personal bank account where he wants to receive the rent. KotMatch will collect and transfer the rent every month to the personal bank account of the STUDENT.

The STUDENT on his turn will continue with his regular payments to his landlord according to his rental agreement.


Art. 6 Guarantee deposit

The STUDENT is aware that it is impossible to ask a viable guarantee deposit from the SUBTENANT.  The STUDENT hereby waives all recourse against KotMatch and against the foreign SUBTENANT who is subletting the student residence. According to Belgian Civil Law, the original tenant remains responsible towards the owner for the rented property and for paying the rent accordingly to his lease.

Art. 7 Final decision

The STUDENT always gets the final decision to refuse or to approve a CANDIDATE SUBTENANT.

KotMatch will firstly submit the profile of the CANDIDATE SUBTENANT to the STUDENT and will ask for approval weather to continue the rental procedure with this CANDIDATE or not. Once the STUDENT agrees with the CANDIDATE, the sublease takes place and from that moment on is an irreversible fact. 


Art. 8 Practical things

The STUDENT will remain available for all questions from the CANDIDATE and is helpful, including by providing additional information or photos in case if any question from the CANDIDATE. The STUDENT remains helpful for practical arrangements regarding the equipment of the room, as well as how the new CANDIDATE can receive the keys and move into the accommodation. Dito when returning the keys and the room after the sublease.


As already mentioned in the Terms of Use, the subletting of student rooms is regulated in the Flemish Housing Rental Decree of the 1st of January 2019. (Vlaams Woninghuurdecreet voor Studentenhuurovereenkomsten van 1 januari 2019)


This stipulates that a student following an exchange program or completing an internship may sublet his room to another student without the landlord's permission. The landlord can only oppose this with a thorough reason, for example if the subtenant would not be a regular student.


Although the student can make full use of all rights without the landlord's permission, we advise the student to inform his landlord of his plans, so that the subletting is always substantiated by friendly consultation.

KotMatch from his side will always inform the landlord of any subletting. All necessary data, including contact details of all involved, are systematically exchanged with the landlord in a standardized message before the effective start of the sublease.

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